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 Jan Sikora  -  painter, grafic, artist and sculptor was born in 24.06.1934 im Bydgoszcz (Poland) and studies from 1957 till 1963
at the Academy of Arts in Warsaw.
He has doctorate degree with "de qualite superieure" for the best illustration of Albert Camus - "Plague". After finishing his study at the Academy,
J. Sikora decided to work in two directions :illustration and painting.
He is author of illustration for popular-scientist books and also foor children's books. His painting works are displayed in art exhibitions in his country and countries abroad.
In 1985 he left Poland to live in Holland, were he is living in Capelle a/d IJssel near Rotterdam.
His works are regularly displayed in art exhibitions in major Dutch cities - Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Breda, Gouda, Groningen, Rotterdam, The Hague.
Jan Sikora has also made two large monuments for the Deaf Children Institute "Effatha" in The Hague and Deaf Institute "Guyot"
in Haren near Groningen.
The work of Jan Sikora reflects his own personal visions of unearthly alien lansdscapes, mixed with his perceptions of what our world would de like after a cataclysmic disaster. His own personaljourney through a sort of different space time continuum, where everything is dead and dacaying. In his work. he often combines gnarled roots or tree limbs, stones, ashes and other materials, taking their distorted forms and giving them new life and meaning by their placment in a totally strange environment. The dramatic atmosphere of his work is emphasized by the use of these forms with their detailed micro-structure, contrasted against the subdued use of lighting on the canvas together with subtele cloud forms or ethereal sphare like structures. This surrealistic work expresses the fears of an individual who is desparately seeking the meanings behind creation and existence, in a hostle and impersonal cosmos. Sometimes he returns to earth and portrays know places and landmarks in the aftermath of some cataclysmic event, where the grotesque distortions and transformations they have undergone the effect of despair and loneliness. In his later years he has taken many well know mythical Greek, Roman and Biblical motifs and incorporated them into his alien worlds, not only to show the importance of mythological ties in our modern society, but also emphasize the corruption and decadence of our over - commercilised "fast food" culture. At the same time he is also experimenting with a parallel abstract art form, where with the use of dramatic textures and forms, he is trying to express the conflict he feels within himself and his surroundings, while at the some time trying to reach some unifaing compromise of all these contradictory forces. Sometimes the artist takes inspirations from nature and he transforms it in full emotion art composition.

Jan Sikora © Jan Sikora